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You can change,
the world.

If, like us, you are among people shocked by the extreme disparity of wealth sharing, Onemillionisenough propose you to change the situation.
Starting with you.
Insigne OMIE
Every day we notice the staggering differences in material wealth between human beings and these inequalities are constantly increasing. To reduce these inequities, it would be enough to share. But sharing necessarily entails limiting what one takes for oneself. Are you ready to do this?

The principle of One Million Is Enough

  • What

    Commit to limit annual revenues to 1 million euros.
  • Who

    Everybody! Whether you currently earn more or much less, everyone is invited to make this commitment.
  • How much time

    It is an unlimited commitment. If one day you no longer wish to honor it, you will just have to opt out on this site.
  • The basic rule

    It is a voluntary individual commitment. There can never be any question of imposing it on anyone.
Today, there is no limit to what a human being can earn as money. The goal of One Million is Enough is to propose a limit: One million euros of revenue per year.
This commitment to limit its income concerns us all: that our revenues are higher than one million euros annually or that they are much inferior. Indeed, how can we hope that people who can amass huge fortunes give up, if the majority of other humans do not give up on principle?
This is a very simple idea that may seem utopian. Yet this is the only possibility we have left to try to reduce the incredible inequity of the sharing of wealth that continues to increase. Possible because it can take shape now thanks to you. This strictly individual commitment must be and remain freely consented. It is not a question of making it a law. This commitment is at all times revocable, because it must be a conscious and conscious choice in the present. You may have questions, objections? we try to answer here .